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Robert De Niro, John Travolta, Milo Ventimiglia, Elizabeth Olin

Ford (Robert DeNiro) is an American soldier who served on the front lines in Bosnia. He’s had his fill of war, and is disgusted with the things he saw and did and decided to get away from it all. He is staying alone in a cabin in the Appalachian mountains to just be left alone. But he is a bit lonely, and along comes Kovac, a Serbian soldier who bumps into Ford (later we find out not by accident) and the two start out an apparent friendship which turns into a resumption of the war as both guys are deeply troubled, yet trying to extract revenge on each other.

This is a thought provoking film. It should not really be categorized as an “action” film, as the dialog and discussion fills most of it. There is a bit of a chase and certainly one or the other getting the drop on each other over and over again, but the whole thing is really to show the pain the two are in, even though they were on opposite sides. This is not a great movie, nor is it a bad movie. It is, as I said before, a thought provoking movie though.

DeNiro does DeNiro, and it’s a typical performance from him, although I hate to see him so sad, as he does play a very dark and troubled guy. Likewise, we get from Travolta what we would expect from him too. He’s pretty good, although those people who are really familiar with the area will find lots of things to complain about his performance, appearance, and accent which I’m told is all off. But that’s not really relevant to enjoying the film, unless, as I said, you’re really familiar with the area. It’s kind of like someone playing a southerner with a Boston accent. Still, the horrors of war are presented to us first hand, and no matter which way either of these guys turns, we know they’re both losing. After it’s over, we just want to say “Can’t we all just get along?”

This is a dark film, and certainly not a pleasure to watch, as it’s very sad and troubling, but it is a very cerebral film and if you’re a fan of that type of movie, this is ok. I don’t highly recommend this, and it’s certainly not for everyone, but it’s really not deserving of the criticism being heaped on it. It’s somewhere in the middle.

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