** Pete’s Christmas

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Zachary Gordon, Bailee Madison, Molly Parker, Bruce Dern

Pete (Zachary Gordon is the middle child who is having the absolute worst Christmas ever. Mom and Dad forgot his Christmas gift, Dad and Grandpa are fighting, and it just goes downhill from there, worse and worse. But after the worst day of his life, Pete wakes up to face Christmas once again. And then he has to live it over and over until he learns his lesson and does it the right way.

Yeah, there’s another one of these. This is a brand spanking new 2013 premier of a very old concept. If you sick and tired of these kinds of “Groundhog Day” movies, then skip this one! But first of all, I’m a sucker for these time warp stories in the first place. Secondly, they did this one a bit different. In all of these other stories, they pretty much have 20 minutes of footage, and go through the day from start to finish several times. This one handled it a bit differently and it frequently jumped through a single portion of the day a number of times all at once, then moved on to a different part of the day. I found it less repetitious that way, for some reason. The concept is the same, but the events are new, and it is a really nice little Christmas film. The highlight of this one, to me, was Bailee Madison who played Pete’s new neighbor. She had a different reaction to Pete’s repeated attempts to convince him that he was going through the same day over and over. She kinda believes him. That was refreshing. But Bailee really did a great job, and was the star of the film to me. But immediately when I saw her, I was sure I knew her. But I am the worst (maybe it’s my old age creeping up on me) at remembering where I saw a person before. I know I know here, but from where? I could even see her face very intensely saying, “But I just couldn’t do it”. Wham! Oh yeah! She’s the young Snow White from Once Upon a Time. Geez, I’ve seen every episode.

Anyway, if you’ve got the stomach for another cute little Christmas Every Day film again, go for it, as this one is nicely done. On the other hand, after watching a bunch of these, you might start to think you’re reliving the same movie over and over again too.

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