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Emily Rose, Justin Bruening, Lindsay Wagner, Bruce Boxleitner

Mary Ross (Emily Rose) is a lawyer who learned that her Great Aunt died, and left her the house in Plymouth, Mass. Emily moves in to the house which brings back bittersweet memories of her childhood in that house. Her Father and Mother divorced, and Emily can’t forgive her estranged father for leaving them alone. Now that her Mother has passed away, Emily hates Thanksgiving and is planning a cruise with her boyfriend for the holiday. But she finds a young man, Everett (Justin Bruening), digging in the front yard. He’s a teacher and an amateur archeologist who thinks he has proof that the first Thanksgiving happened right on the spot where Emily’s house sits. There is a movement to excavate the property to search for proof, but Emily doesn’t want to give up her new home in this Hallmark Channel premier Thanksgiving movie.

This is a romantic comedy that follows the formula pretty closely. There are a lot of familiar roles here, the nasty boyfriend who takes advantage of her, the sneaky tabloid reporter, the estranged Dad, the meddling mother, etc. It’s really all familiar, but for this kind of movie, who really cares. With some newer faces, and some old friends we haven’t seen in a while, this is just a lovely Thanksgiving themed romantic comedy. Everyone does their best, the story is good, the acting is above par, and the setting in New England at Thanksgiving is really nicely done. This film will be on throughout the month, and is perfectly good as a lighthearted seasonal rom-com that is relaxing to watch and enjoy. It’s nice we have a few new ones each year, even if they are quite familiar feeling, that’s what these movies are for.

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