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Rebecca Hall, Elizabeth Keener, Elise Ivy, Catherine Keener, Josh Pais, Sarah Stelle, Ann Guilbert, Amanda Peet, Oliver Platt

OMG!  This is one of those films where they just go out into a room and turn on the camera and come back the next day to see what they got.  Well, maybe not quite that bad, but there is no story here.   Just a LOT of character development for no real purpose.

Two orphan girls are taking care of their elderly grandmother.  One is a bitch, and the other a wimp.   The grandmother lives on the same floor from two ratty characters who make a living out of buying dead people’s stuff and reselling it at a HUGE profit.  The husband doesn’t care, but the wife is feeling guilty so she tries to make it up, sort of, by doing dumb stuff like handing out $20.00 bills.   Then the have a daughter who is a pain in the butt.

The grandmother is also a pill, so there are plenty of people to dislike here.   The couple is waiting for the old lady to die so they can buy her apartment, knock down the wall, and make their apartment bigger.

Big deal.  The whole movie is watching these people parade around and not care in the least what happens to them.  This is surely one of those “artsy” films that you’re supposed to watch and mutter “brilliant” at every scene.  But instead you yawn and wonder why you’re still watching.

There are some good actors in this film, and it could have been a decent story, but I just found it incredibly boring.  I have seen “a day in the life of” movies and enjoyed them, but this one was awful.  They call it a comedy, but there was almost nothing to even make you smile.  I don’t think I’d like to meet the folks that rated this film 5 stars and call it “the funniest movie I’ve seen in years”.   They must have watched a different movie altogether!

I don’t know whether to call this a comedy or a drama, so I suspect I’ll call it both, but neither.

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