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There is nothing wrong with Just Wright.  It’s a sweet romantic comedy with a basketball background, so it ought to be fun.  But it didn’t work for me simply because every single step of the movie was so absolutely predictable that there was nothing at all to surprise you in the least.  Each step is crafted and follow the formula in every aspect.  Therefore I couldn’t even enjoy it, and was really bored.   I just thought it was completely ho-hum!

Queen Latifa plays Leslie Wright, as a physical therapist/New Jersey Nets fanatical fan who lives with her cousin who is a major gold digger.  Her goal in life is to marry an NBA star, and she’s set out a plan to snatch one.

Naturally Scott McKnight (Common), N.J. nets aging star gets injured, and Leslie is the just right (Just Wright) person to nurse him back to health.  But to her chagrin, McKnight is smitten with her beautiful cousin and soon is engaged.  Naturally you could write the rest of the story.

The good news is that there’s nothing wrong with the story, other than it’s predictability.  It has heart, and a little bit of humor, and for a mindless romantic comedy, it meets the goal.  The acting is passable, and it’s a good time if you don’t expect too much.

Bad news is that besides the predictability, it appears the Nets have a rather bizzare schedule where they only play the Orlando Magic.  I think there are only two teams now in the NBA East.  Apparently these are the only two that survived.  Strange! 

I don’t want to bash the movie too much, cause if you’re a romantic comedy junkie, you would probably enjoy it, but for me, it just doesn’t make it, and I was very disappointed.

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