** Switched for Christmas

Cartel Pictures, The Cartel,

Candace Cameron Bure, Eion Bailey, Mark Deklin, Natasha Bure, Walter Platz

Twins, Kate and Chris (Candace Cameron Bure) are identical twins, but are very different from each other in many ways. To please their father, and to honor their tradition, they agree to meet for a pre-Christmas lunch together, though it’s only been a year since their mother died. While visiting each other, they find they are both really fed up with their lives and problems, and very envious of the glamorous life the other lives, so even though it’s been years since they last switched places. Could they pull it off again? They decided to give it a try until something goes wrong and they can bail before they get caught. But though there are not a shortage of problems, the two sisters learn a lot about each other, but even more an appreciation for the wonderful things in their own lives.

Every year we wait for Candace Cameron’s Christmas movie. This year is no exception. Candace is a really sweet person and certainly does her best. This move wasn’t overly spectacular, though I did like it a lot more than last years Time Travel WWII to the present film. The let down is probably because the three years previous to 2016 were extremely well done. Candace takes on the Patty Duke/Lindsay Lohan role of playing both twins and trying to make them different. The biggest problem is that they were really not that different, and it was hard to tell who was who was who throughout. This caused a bit of confusion for me from time to time. By the time it ended, I got the Country Mouse/City Mouse thing and the ending was happy times for all, but it wasn’t nearly as great of some of the other ones. Still it was an interesting story, and Candace, as always, was charming and witty and a pleasure to watch. This film is definitely worth looking out for, but I’m hoping a little better script next year to really win back the crown as queen of the Christmas Movies once again.

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