** The Christmas Parade


AnnaLynne McCord, Jefferson Brown, Jennifer Gibson, Drew Scott

Hayley Anderson (AnnaLynne McCord) is a Daytime TV talk show host who is gearing up for her big Christmas special, when she is caught completely off guard and humiliated by something that aired causing her to walk out in the middle of her show. While taking some time off to think about it, she has an accident where she runs into the fence of a mean local judge who makes her stay for court. When she’s sentenced to either jail time, or community service she chooses the latter. But her assignment is to help a group of underprivileged kids build a float for the town Christmas Parade to win enough money to save their clubhouse from land developers.

This is a light-hearted Christmas romp though romance and comedy. AnnaLynne does a good job of playing the snooty talk show host who thinks the world revolves around her. She feels entitled as lots of people in that position feel. But she’s definitely as good as anyone I’ve seen in playing the opposite side when things come crashing down all around her. She plays wide eyed innocence as she learns how unfair things can be and then pulls together with her new friends to try to set things right. I think she did a really good job here, and must give her kudos for her excellent performance. The rest of the case is also pretty good, especially the kids. There’s lots of comparative views of big city Christmas vs. small town Christmas which makes it fun to watch. All in all it was an enjoyable 2 hours watching this. Drew Scott, one of the twins from HGTV’s Property Brothers has a small part as Annalynne’s cheating (?) boyfriend, and though it’s not a very big part, he does a good job when he’s on-screen. Lots of heart, mayhem and destruction, romance, and lots of good family values. I enjoyed this new 2014 Christmas movie premier from Hallmark and recommend it.

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