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Tara Holt, Sam Page, Ta’Rhonda Jones, Emily Peterson,Phillip Edward Van Lear, Stacia Crawford, Dan Brown, Sam Guinan-Nyhart

Tom (Sam Page) is the ultimate Christmas shopper. The call him Mr. Christmas. He’s approached by a friend Paul (Sam Guinan-Nyhart) who is a workaholic and really loves Jenny (Tara Holt) but doesn’t have a clue what to give her for Christmas. Tom agrees to find the perfect gift for Paul to give Jenny, but the more he digs into finding what Jenny is all about, the more Tom finds himself falling for her. One of the rules of his business is not to be personally involved, but she seems like the perfect person for him, and she is able to drag him into her world more and more until something has to break.

This is one of the early premiers that will be repeated all season in 2017. This is a very typical Hallmark Christmas Movie with the usual triangle issues. The plot is not all that complicated, and the movie really dind’t resonate a whole lot with me. That doesn’t mean that it’s not a nice movie, and the cast is really good. They speak their lines and do the best the can to make the script work, but it’s just has nothing to reach out and grab you. There are a lot of twists and turns, but it’s all in order like A, B, C, 1, 2, 3. I didn’t dislike the movie in the least, and they did a good job with it, but it’s not top of my list. Watch them struggle and really enjoy the Chicago landscape, and turn off the critical thinking part and you won’t be disappointed.

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