** Three Wise Women (2010)

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Lauren Coe, Fionnula Flanagan, Amy Huberman, Thomas Irons, Hugh O’Conner, Brendan Patricks, John Rhys-Davies

Ellie (Lauren Coe) sees witnesses her father having an affair and vows she will never fall in love again.  Her guardian angel abandons her, and she grows into a miserable old woman.  The angel is given a second chance to change her life so she doesn’t have so much sadness so he travels through time to recruit her as a young woman and her future self to reconcile with her father and change the path of her life to avoid a terrible future.

Now if you think this is confusing, then try watching this movie!  This is obviously a twist on the story of A Christmas Carol where instead of the ghost of Jacob Marley, there is a guardian angel of sorts.  And instead of the ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future,  it’s Ellie herself trying to reach out to her father.  It doesn’t work very well.  It’s not absolutely awful, but not very good.  It’s kind of hard to follow and rather disjointed.  And I could never like the supposed guardian angel.  He’s very annoying.  All in all, there is so many missing cylinders in this story that I cannot see this being a big hit in future Christmases.  There are so many clever renditions of the Christmas Carol that you have to be able to find a better one than this!

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