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We waited and waited and waited and now it’s here!  What a wonderful movie.  An amazine feat of 2 sequels to a movie that each was greater than the one before.  It’s the strength of the characters.

I don’t want to spoil any of your enjoyment of this film (assuming there is anyone out there who hasn’t seen it yet), but this movie did bring some surprises.

First, you would suspect that this is a great family film for all ages. Well, it is that, but it’s a surpise how many grown, macho men, come out of the theater with their hat brims pulled down, staring at the ground, not wanting anyone to see the  tears rolling down their cheeks.  I don’t think men cry at movies, but in droves the do at this one.  That wasn’t expected I’m sure.   Why?  Because, especially in the last part of the movie, it really connects to a guy’s deepest feelings.  We’ve all put away our toys and gave up that wonderful part of our life because we grew up.  We didn’t want to, but we had to.  So facing what Andy is facing, strikes a chord that hits us.  We did that too.  Perhaps today’s world is too complicated.  Toys today are not a simple as Mr. Potato Head, a Slinky dog, a toy dinosaur, or a raggedy old pull string cowboy.  We used our imaginations.  Kids today have high technology toys, but they don’t build the connection to them like we did.  There are many moments like this.

But the kids are going to love it too.  There are lots of new characters, some scary, some trying to be scary, but they’re all trying to survive in their own way and determine their own worth.  The story is very strong, the old characters are there, and still load of fun, and the new ones are nice to get to know.

I can’t see any reason for anyone on earth not to love this movie.  It has to get the highest rating of any movie of the year so far!

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