Lionsgate, The Tyler Perry Company

Tyler Perry, Janet Jackson, Jill Scott, Sharon Leal, Malik Yoba, Richard T. Jones, Tasha Smith, Lamman Rucker, Michael Jai White, Louis Gossett Jr., Cicely Tyson

This is a sad movie.  This is also a depressing movie.  This is a story of four couples who are off on a vacation to the Bahamas for fun and relaxation, and boy do they have issues!   One couple fight constantly and make a scene wherever they go.  She has no trust in him whatsoever, and she’ jealous because he’s doing better than her.  One couple is stressed over spending all their money on the trip and he’s worried because he can’t find a job.  He’s insecure and to top it all off, her ex-husband shows up at the same resort on his vacation too.   Another couple is the perfect couple with all the answers.  She’s a writer who writes relationship books who is in complete denial.  Everything is fine, I’m fine, we’re fine, it’s fine.  The fourth is the only stable one, really in love, really together, but he loves her too much to not realize there are real problems.

This is a realistic film, and though it is very funny many times, and the character’s are hilarious, is also a serious look at relationships and how we deal with the kinds of problems everyone must face from time to time.  Apathy, hate, anger, distrust, cheating, boredom, fear, insecurity, sickness, death, children, families, friendship, are all here and explored.  Things are not always what they seem, and everyone has their share of secrets to be uncovered.

Based upon the idea of the last night of the vacation where everyone takes turn standing in front of the group as a couple and saying,  “This is why I got married” and give a story of what has happened in their lives.

Cicily Tyson and Louis Gossett Jr. have a cameo role where they play an old couple met on the  beach while they were scattering ashes of a frend. They’re invited to tell their love story as well, and as touching as it is, we find out the perfect couple hasn’t always had it so easy either.

Love will find a way, and it does, for some of them.  Not everyone gets a happy ending.  But for sure you’re going to come away reviewing what you have and deciding what’s important to you.  Pretty strong film from a guy who’s not a big Tyler Perry fan by any means.

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