** Will You Merry Me (2008)

Lifetime, WUMM Productions

Wendie Malick, Cynthia Stevenson, Vikki Krinsky, Tommy Lioutas, David Eisner, Patrick McKenna, Reagan Pasternak, Martin Doyle

Suzie Fine (Wendie Malick) and Henry Kringle (Tommy Lioutas) are a couple planning to get married.  They want their parents to meet, so Suzie and Henry are going home to visit Henry’s family for the holidays, and Suzie invites her parents to stop by and meet Henry’s family.  The problem is that the Fine’s are Jewish, and the Kringle’s are Christian.   So from the start everything Henry’s mom tries to do to include the Fine’s is wrong and one disaster after another occurs.  Finally doubt and jealousy creep in and they figure they are too different to make a life together.  It seems they don’t want the same things anymore,  and splitting up is the best choice.

This storyline is so very similar to Meet the Parents, it isn’t funny!  Right down to the ex who causes the other to be jealous that it might not be quite over yet, to the leaving for the airplane to fly back home.  But it’s a holiday film, and the situations are very funny.  (Imagine when the Jewish lady kills Rudolph!).   This is a refreshing story, and a movie that hasn’t been on so many times.  Therefore I truly enjoyed it, and the story was a lot of fun.  There is a whole subplot about the neighborhood house decorating contest with a neighbor that is very Danny DeVito/Matthew Broderick out of Deck the Halls.  But it’s just a side story.   All in all, this was a very enjoyable couple hours, and an unusual opportunity to learn a lot about traditions and customs and how to build a life when the backgrounds are so different. Good one!

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