** Window Wonderland

Hallmark Channel,

Chyler Leigh, Cameron Mathison, Paul Campbell, Naomi Judd, Matty Finochio

McGuire’s Department Store has always had a holiday window display for the past 95 years! The woman who was the window dresser has retired, and two employees are vying for her position, so the manager sets up a contest where each takes one of the windows and the one which draws the most attention, and customers, will become the new head window dresser. Sloan (Chyler Leigh) is really driven and very meticulous about everything she does. Kenneth (Cameron Mathison), on the other hand, is very sloppy and appears to be lazy and careless, but has tremendous talent. These two a very competitive and Kenneth drives Sloan crazy as he appears to win each time with little effort while all her late nights and hard work seems to be not working. But working so close together may make them realize that they have a lot more in common than they think.

This is a nice new Christmas film from Hallmark as part of their Countdown to Christmas series this year. The chemistry between these two is pretty decent. Cameron is excellent as an annoying genius who is able to pull everything off with little effort. This drives the people nuts who have to work day and night around the clock to accomplish similar results. We know that these two are going to like each other before long, as they are perfectly fit for each other. Hallmark has done a good job this year of bringing us lots of new Christmas stories. This one is not the best of the flock, but it’s not all that bad. It’s got a lot of good moments. It’s funny how Christmas and Department Stores go hand in hand. I guess we have Mr. Macy to thank for that! You can do a lot worse than this one, but as I said, I was not really as involved in this story as I have been in a lot of the others. It’s a decent story, but it’s not that engaging.

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