** A Cinderella Christmas

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Emma Rigby, Peter Porte, Sarah Stouffer, Michael Dempsey, Lesley-Anne Down

Two cousins, Angie (Emma Rigby) and Candace (Sarah Stouffer) live together with Sarah’s father Otto (Michael Dempsey) Angie’s parents were killed when they were little, and Otto took Angie in and treated her like his own daughter. But Candace is a little brat who loves to pull the wool over her father’s eyes, while bribing or tricking Angie into doing all her work. Otto owns a special event catering company, which the girls run, but Angie does everything while Sarah takes all the credit. Her father thinks she’s the brains and brawn of the company. When the biggest even of they year with the town’s most eligible batchelor, Nikolaus Karmichael (Peter Porte) Candace and Angie try to book the gig, but Nikolaus only has eyes for Candace. But when Candace is not able to attend the party which is a masquerade ball, Angie goes in her place, and naturally Nikolaus falls in love with her, but when she suddenly leaves, he tries to find her everywhere, but Candace manages to work her way into the engagement while keeping Angie out of the picture.

This is a Christmas themed Cinderella story that is just like it sounds by the title. But surprisingly this was a pretty good movie. Emma Rigby did an excellent job as Cinderella, and tired of being taken advantage of, but afraid to speak up for herself is how she plays it. She is very good. Sarah Stouffer on the other hand is a perfectly spoiled brat and she pulls that off in the most annoyingly accurate possible. She is really good. Actually all of the characters are well cast, and their lines are very well written. I didn’t think I could watch another Cinderella knock off, but this one was actually pretty good. Naturally you have to now in advance how it will end up, as all Cinderella stories do, but the journey is well worth it for the interesting events along the way. Really a pleasure to watch, and I recomment this film as one of the best of ION Television’s 2016 premiers. Try to see this when you can!

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