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Vanessa Williams, Rozanda ‘Chilli’ Thomas, John taylor, Brian McNamara, Kathy Griffin

Yet another Christmas Carol rip-off, this time given the VH1 treatment.   Vanessa Williams is Ebony Scrooge, one very popular singing sensation with a huge ego and a very ugly disposition.  Deciding to make everyone work on Christmas Eve for a very lucrative Christmas Day concert, forces all the little people to leave their families at home and go on the road on the night before Christmas,  Ebony is haunted by three very persuasive ghosts who teach her the errors of her ways.   This is simply another Christmas Carol, but very enjoyable.  It’s one of the best acted reworks of Dickens’ work.  This film has a lot going for it, especially Vanessa.  She plays the Pop Diva perfectly and is really uncaring of anyone but herself, but the transformation is also just as convincing  She turns into such a nice lady that you can’t help but forgive her.   The production value is top notch, and the music is awesome.  It’s been one of my favorite restructuring of the Scrooge story.  VH1 hit a home run!  Each of the characters in the story are very well developed and this is an unforgettable version of the tale.

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