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Jonathan Bennett, Lexi Giovagnoli, Dina Meyer, Patrick Muldoon, Jennifer Joseph, Timeca M. Seretti, Tim Hess, Sarah Joy Byington, Avery Merrifield, Michelle Ellen Jones, Sadie Brook, Vincent Giovagnoli, Laurie Coker, Meredith May, Clint McCreery

Luce Lockhart (Lexi Giovagnoli) is a rather spoiled college student who is home for Christmas. She has just broken up with her boyfriend and feeling really sorry for herself. She wants this ruby necklace very much, but because she can’t return the gift she bought for her ex-boyfriend, her credit card is maxed out. She gets the opportunity to be a dog walker for a very rich lady in the neighborhood in return for the necklace she wants, but when she meets and make friends with the other dog walkers, she learns that her client’s husband is a real estate developer who is planning to tear down the dog park and build apartments. Luce is torn between her own selfish wishes and the friendship she has built up with her new found friends, especially Dean Stanton (Jonathan Bennett) a handsome dog walker that is gradually stealing her heart.

This film didn’t really capture my attention that much. Perhaps it was designed for the dog lovers, although the gimmick about walking dogs was just a very small sideline to the story. There are a few surprises toward the end, but nothing earth shattering. This is a lot like one of the old Brady Bunch episodes where Mike Brady is planning on turning a park into a new building and the rest of the family are out picketing the site until the get on TV. This is basically the same story. The chemistry between the leads just didn’t work for me, and the spoiled girl learns her lesson to a small degree, but pretty much ends up still being pretty smug. She was not a character I liked very much. Meanwhile, her love interest is quite the wise guy himself, and never gets my compassion. Basically it’s a fair Christmas themed film that just didn’t move me very much. There have been a lot of better new movies on TV this season.

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