** An Angel for Christmas

Blye Migicovsky Productions, Jaffa Road Management Ltd., Phoenix Animation Studios,

Colette Stevenson, Melissa Bathory, Don Francks, Edward Glen, Nonnie Griffin, Benji Plener, Paul Haddad, Jacelyn Holmes, James Rankin

The little town of Ironsville is ruled by a mean mayor named D.D.Kovet who has outlawed Christmas. He feels Christmas is a waste of time, money, and hurts productivity. A little peasant girl shows up in town and tries to sell sprigs of holly for holiday decoration, but no one is interested in defying the law. She lives in the forest and has a wolf for a friend, but a few of the children in the town want to bring her home and feed her. They learn about the wonders of Christmas and decide to help her spread Christmas cheer to the town.

This is a full length (45 minutes) holiday cartoon TV special. It’s not very well known, but it’s a charming story and the character voices are very well suited. It’s a pleasant story, and very refreshing. Needless to say, the mean old mayor who hates Christmas has been done before, but this one does it very well. Sure to be enjoyed by kids and grownups alike, this is a very nice Christmas story that is easily streamed, or available on DVD for Christmas, and is a very worthwhile story. This is a very well done film, and very worthwhile.

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