** Christmas Miracle

Nasser Group, North,

Allison Hossack, Aaron Pearl, Dan Payne, David Nykl, Valin Shinyei, Lori Ann Triolo, Randal Edwards, Siobhan Williams, George Canyon

It was a snowy Christmas Eve and the storm is blowing snow all over the place. On a somewhat remote road, a car comes upon a spot where the road is blocked by a fallen tree. Very quickly, other cars come to a screeching halt in the freezing cold and snow. There are eight strangers, stranded late on Christmas Eve. One of the group knows of an abandoned church just a short way down the road where they can get inside from the snow and cold, and wait for morning. Through the night, a series of issues and problems arise forcing the strangers to get to know one another and help each other. By working together, each learns a little about themselves and what is important to them.

This was a very, very well done Christmas movie. Each of the parties has a story of their own of what is hard in their life. In order to survive, they must work together, and in the process each can see what is really important. It’s a film with Christian overtones, but is not preachy. It’s more filled with good common sense, and standard human values of what is right and wrong. Though they have to face a lot of personal and natural problems, they all end up a lot better off for having spent the night fighting the elements together. This movie will make you feel good. It was indeed a Christmas Miracle, and is heartwarming. Though it’s a fairly simple story, the way it’s told is very beautiful. It shows that people are naturally good, and can rise to the occasion when they need to. I really enjoyed this new DVD, and was very glad I searched for this one. I picked it for the title, and because it is a Christmas film, but was deeply touched by the story and would gladly watch this one again and again. I highly recommend this one.

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