** Angry Angel

Olive Bridge Entertainment, Sony Pictures Television,

Brenda Song, Andrew Bachelor, Jason Biggs, Elizabeth Bowen, Natalie Charles, Andy Favreau, Natalie Jantzi, Ricky Mabe

Allison Pyke (Brenda Song) was a young wife who died too soon. She doesn’t have enough good deeds to make it to heaven, but not to worry. In the old days, angels would be sent back to Earth with a task to complete. “Clarence, head down and help out old George Bailey see that his life really did make a difference”. That sort of thing. But now, heaven has really cool technology and an “Angel App” that tracks points with a goal to reach before you’re allowed to cross over. Allison has made a wonderful start winning 50,000 points on one big miracle, but since then, things have gotten really tough. Now it’s been 9 years or so, and every time she does something bad, points are taken away. There are rules, and Allison likes to do things her own way most of the time, and grinding out the points is taking a very, very long time, but when she bumps into her husband, who is still in love with her too, she nearly throws it all away to try to reconnect with him. If it were not for the help of Jason Biggs (Jason Biggs) she would be in really big trouble.

A little bit of warning about this “Freeform” original premier Christmas film. (Freeform is the former ABC Family which does their 25 days of Christmas every year). The warning is that this movie starts out really strange, and it really look like, after the first 20 minutes, that this movie is really going to stink. I had made up my mind that it’s not going to work and was all ready to rip this up in a severe review, when something changed. Somewhere along the line, it started to click, and it ended up being a really good movie after all. I caught up with the strangeness of the story, and started to overlook the crazy gimmicks of having a Uber-like app where opportunities pop up from time to time, and you have an option to accept it or not in real time. Instead I really started enjoying the characters and the depth that they portrayed, and Brenda Song really carried this movie very well. She truly portrayed a wide range of emotions and she progressed, and leaned some important lessons. There are a few side tracks along the way, all of which really add to the enjoyment of the story. By the time I got half way through this, I found I was not wanting it to end. Now I’m a senior citizen, and that is definitely not the audience that they are looking for, nor is FreeForm really a channel I watch very much, but if an old fart like me enjoyed the film, I’m sure younger folks will find it right up their alley. I suspect that young folks are really going to enjoy this movie, and for the rest of us, it wasn’t bad at all and well worth the time watching it.

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