** Holiday Road Trip

Daro Film Distribution, Hybrid, Monogram Pictures (II),

Ashley Scott, Patrick Muldoon, Kip Pardue, George Hamilton, Shelley Long, Jerry Lacy, Essence Atkins, Mo Gaffney, Donna Pescow, Christopher Rich, Susan Olsen, Wink Martindale, Mindy Cohn

Pat (Patrick Muldoon) is a young man, son of the owner of a major pet supply manufacturer and being groomed to take over the company some day. Pat is an overgrown child though and doesn’t seem to take anything seriously. Maya (Ashley Scott) is about as opposite as possible, and is loyal and hardworking to the company, and pretty much despises Pat. Company sales are sagging, and the company mascot, a highly recognized Jack Russel Terrier is invited to be Grand Marshall of the Beverly Hills Christmas Parade, owner Max (George Hamilton) decides to send his son Pat on a cross country road trip to Los Angeles so that their mascot Scoots can have photo opportunities with fans all across the country. Maya is asked to come along to keep eyes on both Pat and Scoots and to make sure they make it to Los Angeles in time for the parade. The company’s future hangs in the balance. But it seems unlikely that these strange travelers are going to kill each other before they cross the Mississippi.

This is a mediocre film that falls somewhat flat. There’s just not enough fun in this movie to grab and hold your interest. Pat Muldoon is really annoying as the man-child who is supposed to be quite the ladies man, but it doesn’t work, and I was not really impressed with Ashley’s performance either. although I do feel like it might be the script that is at fault rather than either of the lead actors. They can only perform the lines they are given. George Hamilton phones it in once again, and the dog, even though cute enough, doesn’t have anything to do but stand around. He could have been a stuffed dog for that matter. All in all, I just really didn’t get into this movie and thought it was badly executed all around.

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