** Christmas Cookies

Sodona Entertainment Inc.,

Wes Brown, Amélie Eve, Benita Ha, Marci T. House, P. Lynn Johnson, Marissa Miller, Chelsey Reist, Tiera Skovbye, Jim Thorburn, Jill Wagner

Hannah (Jill Wagner) is a food company executive who is sent to the tiny town of Cookie Jar, home of Aunt Sally’s Cookie Company. Aunt Sally has passed on and left the company to Jake (Wes Brown) who is running the company, but very short on cash. Aunt Sally’s Cookies are really wonderful, and this big corporation wants to save the company by purchasing it, and moving the operation to Buffalo. But an easy bailout turns into a problem when Jake insists the company must stay in Cookie Jar.

This 2016 Hallmark Premier Christmas Movie is certainly a recycled story. This is a big corporation coming to in to save (takeover) (destroy) (close) the small town local business that is the only source of income in the town. But the grinchy person who hates Christmas learns to love the town and the holidays, and most likely (as in this film) falls in love with a local person. This is the same story, but it’s a new one, and has a number of things going for it. Jill Wagner is not overly sugary and sappy, and is actually very good in this role. Her costar, Wes Brown is also very good in his role. The townsfolk are really likeable and so it is a holiday romance from our Hallmark friends, and we get what we want. It was certainly a good enough film and quite entertaining. I think this was a decent gift for this Christmas, and it’s a good movie to catch as it makes the rounds on Hallmark Christmas 2016.

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