** Christmas in Conway

Hallmark Hall of Fame Productions,

Mandy Moore, Andy Garcia, Mary Louise Parker, Cheri Oteri

Natalie (Mandy Moore) is a hospice nurse whose assignment is the Mayor household. Suzy (Mary Louise Parker) has decided to forgo any further chemotherapy and return home to spend out her last days. Duncan is her loving husband who just can’t accept that his wife is going to die. Natalie is caught in the middle of a man who doesn’t want help, but really needs it, and a woman who is putting on a brave face, but is quickly getting weaker. Duncan has an idea to take her to the seashore where they can ride the ferris wheel from which he proposed to her, but she can’t make the trip, so he decides to buy and construct a ferris wheel in the back yard which makes quirky next door neighbor Gayle (Cheri Oteri) very, very angry.

This is a Hallmark film that is so good that it was shown on the ABC Network. It is a very heartwarming film, and one that is very touching. This is a great cast, and they play well together. The story is sad, but very rich and touching, but also very realistic. This is not a proselyting piece, nor is it spouting religion, so believers and non-believers can both enjoy it completely. It’s very accurately portrayed, and spot on. I really enjoyed this movie. I think this is one of the finest new Christmas films this year. I’m sure this one will be around for years to come and it’s very worthwhile watching, so I highly recommend this story, and I suggest you seek it out if you have a chance.

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