** Dashing Through the Snow

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Meghan Ory, Andrew W. Walker, Enid-Raye Adams, Dylan Archambault, Aubrey Arnason, Rukiya Bernard, Devina Briggs, Rohan Campbell, Aaron Craven, Kurt Evans

When Ashley Harrison arrives at the airport heading home to Seattle for Christmas she finds that her flight and almost all the others have been cancelled. When she checks the rental cars, she finds that there is only one left at the whole airport, and a handsome stranger, Dash (Andrew W. Walker) steals it from her by bribing the rental agent. But with a spark of Christmas cheer he offers to share a ride to Seattle with her if she’ll pay for the gas. But though the two really bond on the long drive, she has no idea he’s really an FBI agent who’s assigned to follow her.

This is a novel by Debbie Macomber who has done many classic Christmas novels, and many have been made into Hallmark films. This is an awesome Christmas story, but it’s also a really good mystery and suspense story. As soon as we realize what Dash is up to, it’s hard not to be able to tell Ashley. Meghan Ory is most known for her work on “Once Upon a Time” among a lot of other stuff, but she’s a really good actress. She has such a bubbling character here that she’s a delight to watch. Andrew, on the other hand, is very hard to get to know, quite introverted, and very unwilling to give out much information. Debbie Macomber knows how to spin a good yarn, and this is no exception. The suspense and mystery of who Ashley really is keeps it quite interesting. There are a lot of locations along the way from Northern California all the way up to the Northwest. It’s fast paced, but has lots of heart and “aww” moments. The final showdown is quite exciting. All in all this a good all around Christmas film, not overly sugary and sentimental with enough mystery to keep it very interesting. I enjoyed this movie a lot, and am glad Hallmark brought it to us for this Christmas.

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