Michelle Trachtenberg, Rick Fox, Sterling Suleiman, Daniel Booko, Marliss Amiea, Lawrence-Hilton Jacobs, Tracy Mulholland

Megan (Michelle Trachtenberg)is a writer. She decides to try to find the person who sent her an anonymous Secret Santa gift when she was a child and write a story about it. When she finally figures out who it is, she tries to meet him and finds a gentle man who runs a shelter for underprivileged children. He is doing good work and they make friends and she is anxious to help, but when an unscrupulous ex boyfriend stick his nose in he makes it look like she is exploiting their friendship to further her career. Things spin out of control until calmer heads can find the truth.

This is a nice little Lifetime Christmas 2015 premier film. It has the name of a John Denver Christmas film from about 1989 that is replayed year after year, so don’t get them confused. This story also deals with a bi-racial couple and to their credit it is completely ignored. There is no mention and no drama about that simple fact which is a nice thing for a change. Kudos to Lifetime for ignoring that issue. The romance works, though not overly passionate, they make really good just a bit more than best friends type of couple. The story is not highly unique, but it’s light and cheerful enough to make it an enjoyable experience to watch.

Here is the home page for this Lifetime Christmas film. If you have cable or satelite service, you can watch this in full right on the mylifetime page.

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