** Wish Upon a Christmas

Active Entertainment,

Larisa Oleynik, Aaron Ashmore, Linda Darlow, Kevin McNulty, Terence Kelly, Karen Holness, Dee Jay Jackson, Winnie Hung, Graeme Duffy, Gabe Khouth, Lisa Chandler

A little boy sends his wish to Santa to bring someone for his Dad for Christmas as he is very lonely. Meanwhile Amelia (Larisa Oleynik) is a gal with the role of coming into divisions of a large companies holdings to trim the fat, issue layoffs, and turn them into a profit. She rides in, dumps a slew of pink slips and flies on to the next organization. But it’s Christmas time and she lands in a familiar little town to find most of the people working for a hand crafted ornament factory run by an old friend of hers, Jesse (Aaron Ashmore). He assumes she’s come to help turn a profit after the company lost one of their biggest customers just before the holidays, and she hides the fact that she’s there to close it down. But Santa may have some bigger and better plans that either of them can understand in order to grant a little boy’s wish.

No, they did not meet on the top of the Empire State Building, but yes it is a lot like “Sleepless in Seattle”. This is so similar to so many others, even some that are new this year like this is, where the evil corporation is looking to close down a major business in the little town that loves Christmas, but it’s still not a bad film. It has some good moments and the actors are really pretty good. The film is filled with Christmas spirit with lots of romance, music, and Christmas themes thrown in. It’s certainly not a barn burner, but it is a nice little time passer if you enjoy the typical Christmas romance. Lifetime has brought a sweet little Christmas film for us this year.

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