Color Force, Dayday Films, Dune Entertainment III

Zachary Gordon, Robert Capron, Rachael Harris, Steve Zahn, Devon Bostick, Chloe Moretz, Karan Brar, Grayson Russell, Laine MacNeil

I have seen the kids series in the bookstore.  No I haven’t read them.   This is a film for Nickelodeon and Disney Channel kids.  It’s perfect for kids in middle school which is where the story takes place.  Greg is a wimp.  He knows it, but he survives on his skills and his wit. 

Adults can like this film, but mostly it’s going to be a hit with the kids.  Some of the things these kids go through, I’m sure the kids see every day.  It’s interesting how all schools have the “urban legends” like the “Cheese Touch” in this movie.  Nobody knows how it got there or where it came from , but even the janitor sweeps around it.  The Legend of the Cheese Touch is one of the best parts of the movie.

It seems Greg gets into trouble ever which way he turns, and watching him wriggle is the fun of the movie.  One event after another in the year of a middle school student is what we get.  And at the end of the year, greg thinks it was all worth it.

I rated this movie pretty high because i was positively pleased with the way it was done.  None of the actors are really known, but they all did a pretty good job.  Kids will enjoy it the most, but if you have some kids to take with you, it’s going to give you an excuse to go.  All of us have had the experience of being in middle school once, and we’re going to identify.  We’re going to get a guilty pleasure out of watching what happens to this poor kid.  But he takes it well.

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