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Michael Caine, Emily Mortimer, David Bradley, Iain Glen, Jack O’Connell, Ben Drew, Joseph Gilgun, Liam Cunningham, Charlie Creed-Miles, Sean Harris, Jamal Downey

What to say about Harry Brown?  Well, if there was a movie close to this, it would be Gran Torino.  This is a similar story.  I was drawn to it because I have always been a fan of Michael Caine’s work.  In this movie Harry Brown, (Caine) is a old timer, living in a very violent and dark neighborhood.   He pretty much turns a blind eye to what’s going on, and spends him time reminiscing with his close friend and having a drink at the local pub.   Harry’s best friend’s wife is very sick and in the hospital.  He goes to visit, but refused to pass through a tunnel in the park which is a hangout for gangs and drug dealers.  Some really nasty stuff goes on, but Leonard, Harry’s friend is murdered, but the police don’t want to deal with it.  So Harry decides to put his IRA military training to work by cleaning up the neighborhood under his own terms.

This is a harsh film which deserves the “R” rating.  There is some very graphic scenes.  It’s also got some action, but action is not the key to this film.  It’s rather slow starting, and plods along.  But you get to know Harry and his friends really well, and you learn why the bad guys need dealt with.

It’s a great revenge movie, and is a very fulfilling if you wait with it, and invest the time with it.

Not everyone is going to like this movie.  If you want fast paced action and lots of excitement, this takes a bit long to get to the point.  But it’s a good small budget indie film with great performances by everyone, and for an older dude it’s certainly paced at our speed.   Rambo it isn’t, but it is a worthwhile piece of artistic film work.

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