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Cuba Gooding, Val Kilmer, Michael Ironside

Hardwired is a solid “Very Long Wait” film on Netflix, but as some guy said in a review,  a very long wait does not necessarily make it a great film.  A lot of people hated this movie, and I think I can understand their reasoning.

It’s very science fiction, and it’s been done…with the evil corporations and rebel individual who tries to fight the establishment.  Cuba Gooding wasn’t fabulous in this film, but he didn’t suck either.  It’s a Canadian film, which is fine, but it’s not real big budget and there are some silly premises that wouldn’t cut it in a big budget Hollywood film, but it was interesting and it is an interesting premise.  A man was in a car accident and should have died.  Because he had no ObamaCare, he was saved by the previously mentioned “evil corporation” as a test subject.  Turns out they’re implanting recievers in peoples brain to sell advertising space.  After all, they’re running out of places to put up billboards, so why not in our heads? Well, naturally Cuba doesn’t buy their products, and the chase is on.

I went in not expecting a lot, and I wasn’t disappointed.  I enjoyed the time I spent watching it, and though it isn’t great, it was ok.  I like science fiction films, and the action was pretty good, and the chases didn’t suck.  I bought the concept and just watched and enjoyed the ride.  If you are not too critical and not looking for the best picture nominee, then you might enjoy this one too.  I definitely did.

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