John Travolta, Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, Kasia Smutniak

“From Paris with Love” is an action, buddy flick with John Travolta as the “bad” good guy and his buddy – unsuspecting, embassy aid turned hit man – Jonathan Rhys Meyers. Rhy Meyers starts receiving phone calls from a caller, telling him to do things, and next thing you know he is hooked up with John Travolta’s character, Wax. Bloodshed and mayhem ensure – big guns, good car chases – until the pivotal moment when Rhy Meyers proves he is a confident man instead of a sniveling office worker.

Now that the iron curtain countries are no longer a threat seems like every action movie has terrorists as bad guys; this time it is Pakistanis. There are some good twists related to a girlfriend, but that was the biggest surprise in this movie. Some of the car scenes were really well done and engaging plus the dialog was good.

I tried, but just can’t buy John Travolta as a bad guy in “With Love from Paris.” He is much better in movies like Michael or even remotely believable in Wild Hogs, but in this movie and Swordfish he just tries too try hard to be bad. I think I would have enjoyed seeing Rhy Meyers are the bad guy. The movie would have been more believable for me.

Overall I enjoyed this movie and am glad I watched it based on Ed’s recommendation.

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