** Eve’s Christmas (2004)

Insight Film Studios

Elisa Donovan, Sebastian Spence, Cheryl Ladd, Wisnton Beckert, Kavan Smith, Erin Karpluk, Peter Williams, James Kirk

Eve’s been given the chance of a lifetime.  She’s able to go back in time and relive the most important choice of her life.  She’s an overworked ambitious single working woman who left her love at the altar on the day of her wedding.  She always wondered if she made the right choice.  When visited by a mysterious character on the street who told her to make a wish on the Christmas Star and it would come true.  She wished to go back to that day.

But when she gets back, she finds the same doubts and fears she had the first time.  She’s changed, but has she changed enough to make a difference?

Eve’s Christmas is not perfect, but it’s certainly interesting, and full of action and some suspense.  It’s a good Christmas story and full of insights and wisdom.   There are only a few Christmas stories, and everything is typically based one one of the generic themes.  This is a “It’s a Wonderful Life” story with a slightly different angle.  You’ll feel good at the end I’m sure.  There is a bit of a surprise in the end when the wish ends.  There is a time limit on it.

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