Larry Levinson Productions, RHI Entertainment

Christine Taylor, Christopher Wiehl, WIlliam Morgan Sheppard, Shashawnee Hall, Vivica A Fox

Anna Walls (Christine Taylor) is a writer for a blog on a website who’s assigned to travel to the town of Mistletoe to write about a strange old character who has changed his name to Kris Kringle and has been doing the Christmas thing for 50 years.  Kris has a sad story of how he lost the love of his life, his wife Betty,  50 years before.    Meanwhile, Anna has her own ghosts in her life preventing her from letting go of her feelings.   Anna has had enough and decides to go home. She just can’t face the feelings she is suddenly having and is afraid to accept them as she may also lose them someday again.   Suddenly Kris is missing and Anna can’t leave.  Kris has lost his heart.  He’s simply tired of it all and the lost Christmas spirit. Once he’s found, ok, he has decided to give it all up after this year.  Will Anna figure out the meaning of Chrismas?

This is a brand new 2010 Christmas movie and is very thought provoking.  It centers around love and loss, hurting and healing, and a dog named Todd.   Excellent film, and very warm and touching.  You’ll feel good after this film.  It will give you the hope to go on. People do make good choices sometimes.

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