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Dina Meyer, David Sutcliffe, April Telek, Kyle Cassie, Alistair Abell, Paula Devicq, Alexia Fast, Scott Swanson, Tony Alcantar

Tom Lane (David Sutcliffe) is a writer of a column for a big newspaper. The company is thinking of producing a new TV show featuring him. Liz Madison (Dina Meyer) is writing an advice column for a small paper. When the big paper suddenly buys the small paper to close it down and absorb it into the big company, Liz changes the focus of her column teaching people the real meaning of Christmas. As her popularity rises, the owner is faced with a choice. If he saves the paper, he will cancel the new TV show. Or he can produce the TV show and cancel the paper. This puts Tom and Liz on a direct path of conflict.

This is a pretty decent holiday tale set in the Bay area of San Francisco. Basically the conflict is between a smug and arrogant big newspaper guy and a small town lady who knows the value of home and community and Christmas. Each has a lot to learn, and the story, though very simple, is nice to watch unfold. The characters are believable and the Marin County scenery is breathtaking. It seems that they both bring out the worst in each other, and the conflicts seem sincere. These two could really hate each other. Naturally, being a Christmas story, they have to manage to find common ground.

Just a simple story of boy meets girl built around the newspaper industry. Nothing outstanding here, but a good solid story of the holiday spirit.

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