** Marry Me at Christmas

Muse Entertainment Enterprises,

Rachel Skarsten, Trevor Donovan, Emily Tennant, Blair Penner, Crystal Lowe, Keith MacKechnie, Michele Scarabelli, Judith Maxie, Darla Fay

Madeline Krug (Rachel Skarsten) is a bridal consultant in a small town. Ginger Blake (Emily Tennant) is a home town girl who is planning a holiday wedding in her home town, and Madeline is her wedding planner. But Ginger’s brother is along to protect and help his sister, and Johnny Blake (Trevor Donovan) is a huge Hollywood star and very well off. His suggestions and plans seem opposite of everything Madeline and Ginger have in mind, but not only does he grow on Madeline very quickly, but he learns to rethink his star life, and appreciate the small town.

This has the main trappings of a Christmas movie. A small town Christmas, lots of holiday sights and sounds, and almost smells. Wouldn’t it be great if finally developed a TV with the ability to send smells over the wire? I’d be watching the movies all year long! The guy who plays the movie star, Johnny, is really star here. There’s some complications and twists, and lots of good feelings, and though it’s not a standout Christmas movie, it’s well done and has all you need to enjoy a couple hours. There’s some humor, mostly brought by Trevor (as Johnny) who just can’t understand a small town Christmas. All in all, it’s a good outing, and some fresh faces and a rather fair Christmas Movie. This is one to watch.

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