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Clif Prowse, Derek Lee, Jason Lee, Michael McGill, Gary Redekop, Lily Lee, Baya Rehaz

Two friends, Derek (Derek Lee) and Clif (Clif Prowse) decide to go on a world tour to see as much of the world as possible when one of them is diagnosed with a brain aneurism and has only a short time to live. But after a horrible beating on a hot date, one of the men begins to deteriorate with a mysterious illness that may bring everything to a screeching halt.

This movie irritated the hell out of me. I know it has it’s fans, and some people are very exited about this film, but I truly hated it. It starts out as a documentary of the “trip of a lifetime” journey by two friends, and they do a pretty good job of presenting it as a simple documentary, but things go wrong really fast. It turns into a found footage horror film.

Now I’m over these found footage things in the first place. That has been driven into the ground further than reality TV singing competitions. That’s one reason why I hated it. It became really rather stupid, especially at the ending, and I was really sorry I invested my time in this loser of a flick. I found the main characters really annoying. Since they obviously are actors playing a role, even though the advertisement makes it look like they are real people playing themselves, they could have found someone that could act a little bit. The fooling around with the genre is irritating as well. Especially if you go into this thing thinking it’s what it advertises. I didn’t find it clever or unique or any of those things. I am sick of the shaky camera stuff. I didn’t think it was a good horror film in the least, and I was pretty bored throughout. I really did not enjoy this film, and though it’s rare I absolutely dislike a film, this one did not do anything for me. I suggest you avoid this one like the plague.

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