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Owen Wilson, Woody Harrelson, Amy Poehler, George Takei, Colm Meaney, Keith David, Dan Fogler, Jimmy Hayward, Kaitlyn Maher, Carlos Alazraqui

For years and years Reggie (Owen Wilson) has warned his fellow turkeys of the doom and destruction that comes every Thanksgiving, but this year he is chosen, but then pardoned. But Jake (Woody Harrelson) keeps tempting Reggie with the crazy idea of traveling back in time and changing history and getting the Turkey’s off the Thanksgiving menu forever. Jack and Reggie and some friends travel back to 1621 to the original Thanksgiving just in time to fall into a troubling struggle for survival for the entire Turkey clan.

This is a relatively solid family animated film. No, this isn’t Pixar. No, it’s not even close to a spectacular script. But it is a fun story that the younger folks will enjoy. There’s not a lot of Thanksgiving movies out there, and this is certainly a great family movie night, now that it’s on DVD. It’s bound to be a crowd pleaser for the kids, and one the adults won’t mind sitting though. The voices are a bit distracting, in a way, and certainly Owen Wilson, Woody Harrelson, Amy Poehler, and George Takei (as S.T.E.V.E., the time machine) are highly recognizable voices, so you’ll be sure that you recognize them. I find this distracting and off putting. But at the same time, having excellent actors portraying the roles means that they give a great reading, and the kids aren’t going to recognize them anyway, even if they know who they are. So they take the mediocre script and put their full experience and talent into doing it as good as possible, so it’s not a bad experience watching this turkey film that isn’t a turkey. Enjoy this one with the younger folks.

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