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Josh Radnor, Malin Akerman, Michael Algieri, Zoe Kazan, Kate Mara, Tony Hale, Pablo Schreiber, Peter Scanavino, Richard Jenkins

On the way to meet his publisher aspiring novelist Sam (Josh Radnor) encounters Rasheen (Michael Algieri) alone on the subway. Rasheen follows him, and try as he might to get rid of him, he eventually follows him to the meeting with the publisher. Rasheen is a big part of the story, as Sam knows that he can’t just keep a kid that he finds on the subway, but he can’t seem to find a way to get rid of him. It’s Rasheen that helps Sam grow up. But this is not just the story of Sam and Rasheen. Actually about 6 people are friends and living in New York City. Malin Akerman is Annie, a girl with alopecia universalis, or total hair loss over the entire body. No eyebrows or eyelashes. This causes her to have very low self esteem and to tend to sabotage all her relationships or to pick very bad partners.

Zoe Kazan is Mary Catherine, a young woman in a relationship with a guy who dreams of leaving New York for Los Angeles. Mary Catherine doesn’t want to go, and may risk losing her guy unless they work it out. Kate Mara is Mississippi, a singer from Mississippi who meets Sam, but both of them have so many issues they can’t seem to get together. They sign a very bizarre contract, but both are so filled with issues, they’re going to have a hard time.

Described as “How I Met Your Mother” the movie, there are a lot of similarities and it’s probably a good comparison. Basically it’s a decent romantic comedy of 6 friends who are trying to grow up in New York, even though it’s long overdue for all of them. It’s a simple story and one that’s been told before, but the whole situation with Rasheen makes it rather unique. It’s not badly done, and the people are really interesting and so though it’s not a great groundbreaking new film, it’s got enough going for it to make it worthwhile to watch. If you’re a fan of romantic comedies, then Happythankyoumoreplease is worth the time watching it. Especially in the summer when the real “How I met Your Mother” is in reruns. 🙂

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