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Matthew McConaughey, Jessica Chastain, Anne Hathaway, John Lithgow, Ellen Burstyn, William Devane, Michael Caine

Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) lives at home with his parents and the kids and is a farmer. It’s a futuristic world where the dust bowl has returned and all efforts toward technology and science has turned to survival by growing the only crop left, corn. But Cooper was trained as a space engineer and a pilot, and though he misses it, he grows corn. But accidentally he and his daughter stumble upon a secret NASA location and before you know it they are on the way to distant planets to discover if there is a safe place for what’s left of humanity to survive in and call home.

This is one excellent film. This one is right up my alley. (Is that a bowling reference? I always wondered what alley stuff is up and why). Anyway, this is a really good sci-fi thriller with some sketch science and lots of fiction. If it had been a bit more probable scientifically I might have gone for the 5 star rating I enjoyed this so much. But I bought into it when they flew a space ship out to an asteroid to blow it up with an atomic bomb, so why not a short cut through a worm hole? The casting is pretty good. This is not the role I would have picked for McConaughey, but he actually pulled it off pretty well. Also Anne Hathaway was really good as a book scientist without any practical experience. The main relationships of the movie are between Anne’s character and her father, Professor Brand, played well by Michael Caine. the second one is between Cooper and his daughter in several different time periods. This is truly an all star cast, for sure. This is a long film, nearly 3 hours, but it flies by and is very suspenseful. The story struggles at the end with some very insane “Lake House” type time warps but they pull it all together with love and understanding and trust for each other. As my daughter used to say when she was very little, “Another happy ending”. This is a praiseworthy sci-fi film, like we haven’t seen in a long, long time. Many attempts have fallen short, but this one is hitting on all cylinders. If you have any heart at all for Sci-Fi, pick this one out at your nearest Redbox and give it a look. It’s very satisfying.

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