Dark Park Studios, Surface Seven Pictures

James Debello, Louis Mandylor, Francesca Cecil, Daniel Kountz, Dick DeCoit, Dianna Renée, Micah Pittard, Natalie Hall, Vic Harris, Alana Curry

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A collection of friends head out on a camping trip, but brother Nate (Micah Pittard) has been having problems with depression and is medicated after suicide attempts, so they keep a close eye on him. Nate brought a gun with him on the trip, and hearing voices sneaks out in the night and ends up shooting a creepy statue in the woods after hearing voices and seeing something. After they come home, Nate continues to act strangely and then suddenly appears to have shot himself. But one by one people end up dying and the mystery grows.

This small indie film is tough to find. It’s not available at all rental outlets, and can occasionally be caught on TV. This is a true horror, suspense film about doppelgangers and other mysterious stuff. It’s not very big budget, and the stars are not well known, but it is quite creepy and everyone does their part to add to the suspense. It’s kind of weird that everyone keeps seeing people who look exactly like themselves. Seeing your doppelganger is not a good thing. The legend is that when you see your double you are about to die. This film proposes that theory, and people are seeing their doubles all over the place. Doctors can’t help, so naturally we turn to a supernatural expert. Bottom line….if you see a weird statue in the woods, don’t shoot it.

This is a little indie film that uses it story and content to creep you out, not expensive CGI and special effects to scare you. It does a good job of tightening the screws and keeping you on the edge of your seat. If you can find it on late night TV, it’s a pretty decent little horror flick, one that’s certainly out of the mainstream copycat stores we’ve been seeing a lot of lately.

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