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Sarah Palin, Andrew Breitbart, Mark Levin, Kurt Gibson, Meghan Stapleton, Tammy Bruce, Kristan Cole, Sonnie Johnson, Jamie Radtke, Con Bunde

This documentary, based on Sarah’s book, “Going Rogue” is a biography of Sarah Palin from her childhood up to the point where she ran for Vice President of the United States with John McCain. It covers here attack on the established Republican leaders in Alaska and her years fighting the big petroleum companies, the sudden vicious attacks on her, and the true cause of why she was forced to resign as Governor before the end of her term. It shows why she is the most admired and hated woman in America.

I am really glad this DVD came out. I have heard complaints about how the mainstream media have refused to cover some stories, and completely twisted and blew others out of proportion. A good example is a current event where some nut who hung out with the Occupy crowd took some shots at the White House. This has been kept so much on the down low, and even the President has spoken out that there is absolutely no connection between him and any known radical group. At the same time, we’ve been told daily that Sarah Palin is personally responsible for the shooting of Gabriel Giffords in Arizona when we know absolutely that he had no connection with any conservative organization at all. But the point is, both of these shooters are nuts. But why are we going so far to prove one connection and the lack of one in the other case.

I knew Sarah Palin was hated and despised. But I remember the same kind of personal and hurtful attacks on Ronald Reagan for the same reasons. Attempts were made to convince everyone that she was stupid and incompetent and in way over her head and even dangerous to the US. However, we would likely be far better off today if she had been the Presidential candidate and won rather than the other two guys.

Granted, this is definitely one side of the story, but from the amazing accomplishments she has made working with the democrats, and fighting the established Republican party in Alaska, she was the inspiration for the Tea Party movement before it even existed. Her vision that the “good old boys” who rubber stamped everything was bad for the state, and her experience in the energy department made her decide she had to fight the establishment and the oil companies. The Exxon Valdez spill was the catalyst that made her take the path she did.

I never could find out the reason why she quit early as Governor of Alaska before her term ended. I found the reason in this documentary. There was a logical and reasonable cause that forced her into this decision. It is a quirk in the Alaska law, and an organized attack to get rid of her. I figured there had to be a reasonable explanation, but something we never got from the mainstream media.

This is Sarah’s story, and though I’ve never been a fan of hers (she came out of nowhere to me too!), I have gained an appreciation for why she was chosen and what her accomplishments really were. The first 20 minutes of this film is something everyone should see to know what kind of people we have feeding us the news. It’s despicable that they could say the things they did about anyone at all. A very good film, and brought me greater understanding of the real person.

As a side note. It’s interesting that this film is out almost two months, and the only reference to it in IMDB is “Untitled Sarah Palin Documentary” with no information about it whatsoever. I can’t believe that’s just a coincidence.

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