Dimension Films, Troublemaker Studios, Spy Kids 4 SPV

Jessica Alba, Joel McHale, Rowan Blanchard, Mason Cook, Jeremy Piven, Alexa Vega, Daryl Sabara, Danny Trejo

Marrisa Wilson (Jessica Alba) was a spy who gave it up when she delivered her first child. Her husband, Wilbur (Joel McHale) has no clue. He’s actually a TV reporter who’s a spy hunter, but never knew he had one of the best living under his own roof. But when the evil Timekeeper (Jeremy Piven) steals all the time in the world for his own evil purposes, Marissa is called back into action, along with some of the old Spy Kids in the program and Merissa’s children Cecil (Mason Cook) and Rebecca (Rowan Blanchard) are pulled right into the middle of all the actions. As a family, can they once again save the world?

This is more of the same of the Spy Kids series. If you enjoyed the others, you’ll enjoy this one as well. It’s got lots of clever gadgets and pleasant surprises mixed in with a lot of silliness and useless chases. There’s a bit of excitement and the kids especially will get into it, if they’re young enough and not all that sophisticated.

Note: The 4D part was simple a scratch and sniff card that was handed out at the theater. Smell is not a dimension, neither is a squirt of water in the face, but lots of theme parks and such are using the 4D gimmick. Thank goodness there is no smell-o-vision in the rental DVD (which doesn’t even include the 4D part in the title) because with the number of poop and fart jokes in this film, it could have been pretty nasty!

This is another silly Spy Kids film, great for the kids who love them and wonder whatever happened to the original Carmen and Juni, but if you’re not in love with the previous 3, don’t start into the series now.

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