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Julie Gonzalo, Kelly Stables, K.C. Clyde, Alley Mills, Bruce Davison

In the first story, Rod (Bruce Davison) and Katherine (Alley Mills) are retiring and moving to Florida. In this story, they are living the relaxing life on the beach. They have a neighbor Lisa (Julie Gonzalo), who also has a love for Golden Retrievers and who is separated from her ex, David and they are convinced that they belong together. So Rod and Katherine set out to get the couple back together with the help of a basket of Golden Retriever puppies and some cute neighborhood kids.

This sequel to A Golden Christmas is not (in my opinion) nearly as good as the first. It’s hard to get the Christmas spirit when the parents are living alone in Florida and missing their home and their family like crazy. Also, there’s no cute back story going on like there is in the first one. The puppy love story between the two little kids was cute, but I just didn’t find enough going on here to really recommend this. I know some people are going to love it, after all it has puppies in it, but for me, it just didn’t grab you. I found it totally boring for the most part, and it just didn’t work.

This film is brand new in 2011, but not widely available yet. However, it is available on Netflix “Watch Instantly”. There are some other outlets, and it is shown on TV from time to time.

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