** One Christmas (1994)

Karpf-Davis Entertainment Television

Katherine Hepburn, Henry Winkler, Swoosie Kurtz, T.J.Lowther, Tonea Stewart, Pat Hingle, Julie Harris, Troy Simmons

Maybe I don’t get Truman Capote, or maybe this is just not my kind of story.  I had a real tough time getting through this entire movie without shutting it off.   They tried to show redemption and love in the end, but by that time I truly did not care.

I have seen Henry Winkler in several other Christmas stories, and he was wonderful, but his character is just so unlikable in this movie that I couldn’t stand him.

This is a short story by Truman Capote about a little boy who is going to New Orleans to spend the holidays with his Daddy who is a con man of the greatest degree.  Liar and cheat, he’s out to take money from anybody.  Katherine Hepburn plays a ancient matron who is just as uncaring and and selfish as Winkler’s character.    He’s chasing Swoosie Kurtz’ character to get her investment into his latest scam, but even that relationship is pretty meaningless.

All in all I found this a waste of time, and just plain boring.  I didn’t get into the story at all, and I felt the same way the second time through.  Nothing much to get excited about here.  Buddy, the little boy in this story must be autobiographical, and the character returns in 1997’s Christmas Memory which is just about as bad as this one is.

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