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Rachelle Lefevre, Stephen Moyer, Luis Guzmán, Ed Quinn, Lorna Raver, Gladys Rodríguez, Alfredo De Quesada, Brian Tester, Grace Connelly

Mary Kee (Rachel Lefevre) has just gotten out of an abusive relationship. She moves into an apartment all alone. When the phone rings, a strange lady claims that she saw her husband in the apartment and wanted to speak to him. This lady, who we learn is named Rose (Lorna Raver) lived in the house back in the 70’s and wants to talk to future Mary and become friends. When Mary gets sick of her and asks her to leave her alone, Rose gets very angry and finds some real creepy ways to punish her in this twisted supernatural cross time thriller.

Many people hated this movie because they found it hard to follow. I personally didn’t find it difficult to understand. Granted, it is very extraordinary. But like a 90 minute twilight zone episode, this is a thoughtful and very creepy movie. Imagine is someone has access to you in the past, when you were a little child, and the people around you who you care for and understand. What if she could hurt you in the present by hurting you in the past, instantly changing the present. Rose has a huge advantage, and in order for Mary to survive, it’s going to take all the wits she has to try to defeat her.

I thoroughly enjoyed this little old fashioned sci-fi thriller flick. It was very interesting from start to finish. It really reminded me of other films of this genre, like “Frequency”. It was suspenseful throughout, and kept me guessing what Rose was going to pull next. Very enjoyable hour and a half. But I have to say one thing. There were three deleted scenes on the DVD. One of these was appropriate to cut, but I have no idea why the other two would be cut, as they were critical to understanding the movie. I would love to hear why these two scenes were cut out. One explains why she has an old rotary dial phone which is key to the story, and the other has to do with a visit to a mental institution which is referenced later in the movie, but without this scene we don’t know what happened when she was there. I would say be sure to watch these deleted scenes, and say “AHA” like I did. If you like thrillers like this, I would recommend this one as one that is very out of the ordinary. It’s quite unique.

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