** Santa Baby (2006)

“Mary Christmas” Filproduktions, Alberta Film Entertainment

Jenny McCarthy, Ivan Sergei, George Wendt, Kandyse McClure, Michael Moriarity, Tobias Mehler, Lynne Griffin

Santa Baby has every reason to not be very good, but it surprises you.  Jenny McCarthy is actually pretty decent in this, and George Wendt makes a jolly Santa.  Mary Class (McCarthy) changed her name to get rid of the “Claus” thing, and is a very successful business executive.  Then a shocking phone call that Dad has had a heart attack and she needs to go home right away.  So she takes off and once she gets there, decides it’s time to modernize things at the Pole.  She has a lot of ways to improve and increase productivity, but she’s dealing with elves after all.  Well, Dad doesn’t want to let go, even though Mrs. Claus says he has to, so they butt heads until Christmas Eve.

It’s actually a happy friendly little Christmas movie with some good music and some funny moments.   All in all it’s worth the time to watch it.  There is a lot of conflict and resolution.  Besides,  she becomes reacquainted with the guy who was her prom date.  “Why didn’t you try anything that night?”  “Are you kidding,  Your Dad knows if you been naughty or nice!”.   She got to choose between the old boyfriend and the old career or the new guy and the new experience of delivering toys.   Whichever she chooses is bound to turn out badly.

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