American Broadcasting Company (ABC), Gleneagle Productions, Hearst Entertainment Productions

Leslie Nielsen, Steven Eckholdt, Robyn Lively, Tommy Davidson, Darren Frost, Karen LeBlanc, R.D. Reid, Ted Atherton

Leslie Nielsen is the lovable Santa Claus who is really depressed that the level of Christmas spirit is so low. No one says Thank You anymore, and everybody is so commercial. Santa decides to take a trip to the city to see what he can do about it, and gets into some really bad weather and falls from the sleigh right in front of a car driven by Peter Albright, a newsman who is playing Santa to get some good footage for the news. Santa has amnesia and forgot who he is, so they put him to work in a department store. Will Santa remember in time for Christmas Eve?

This is a far better movie than it ought to be. It’s really pretty cute. Leslie Nielsen became known for playing silly roles, but he does a great job as Santa. Peter, as the guy who doesn’t belive, has a long history for why he’s such a cynic. He’s a strong character. The elves are led by Max (Tommy Davidson) and are very funny in their ineptitude. This is a nice Christmas story that reaches to your heart and makes you want to believe. I really enjoyed this years ago when I saw it, and it was nice that ABC Family ran it again this year so that I could remember how good it was. Enjoy!

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