CBS Productions, Downey/Todoroff Productions, Jaffe/Braunstein Films

Roma Downey, George Newbern, Scott Terra, Cathy Lee Crosby, Doris Roberts

An heiress, Helen Radke (Roma Downey) has never had a close relationship with her father who has recently passed away. He was the benefactor of an orphanage for boys. While trying to settle his estate, she has to decide whether or not to sell off the property of the orphanage. Jimmy Adams (George Newbern) is the one who runs the orphanage and will try anything in his arsenal to convince Helen not to turn the boys out into the street.

This is another touching Christmas story. Helen hardly knew her father, and she thought to come into town and sell off her father’s assets and get out of town without getting involved. But instead she makes a Scrooge like transformation as she learns more about who her father was and why he did the things he did. Unlike Scrooge, she wasn’t a bad or stingy person, but had been hurt and hardened herself to being hurt again. It has a lot of heart and is very touching. This is an excellent tale, very well told. Roma Downey is very good in the lead and really carries the movie. George Newbern is also does a very good job as the nice guy, former orphan, who cares for the Sons of Mistletoe. I highly recommend this film. It’s got a whole different look at the wonders of the season.

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