** An Evergreen Christmas

Kim and Jim Productions, WonderStar Productions,

Charleene Closshey, Robert Loggia, Booboo Stewart, Naomi Judd, Jake Sandvig, Greer Grammer, Tyler Ritter, Brantley Pollock, Tiz McWilliams

Evie Lee (Charleene Closshey) get a call just before Christmas with some very bad news. Her father has passed awawy and she must leave the city and head home to the small town where her Grandfather Pops (Robert Loggia) is running the families small Christmas Tree farm with the help of her brother. She is surprised to learn that as the oldest sibling, she is charged with being the executor of the estate much to her brother’s distaste, as she moved to the city to attempt a music career while he stayed behind and took care of the farm. Torn between saving the farm and going back to her big city music career, Evie Lee has a lot of soul searching to do to find the answers.

This is a charming Christmas tale with the strength around the home and family. The story is very well told, with lots of heart. The casting is really good, and there are some really good performances here. Evie Lee is faced with a dilemma, and she has to use all her wits to try to dig her was out. Charleene does an excellent job in portraying her struggle. Another excellent performance comes from Tiz Williams as Becky Tamora, Evie Lee’s nemesis in school who is now running a huge conglomerate tree farm who wants to buy the family’s property. She does and excellent job as a bad guy who is not so bad, but who might be trying to help them out. On the other hand, she might be a cold-hearted snake who is only interested in her own wealth. In the end will will probably never know. Good performance none the less. Of course Robert Loggia is very well cast as the loving grandfather. He is an excellent actor, so that’s to be expected. All in all, this was a really good film, far above average, and a great choice for your holiday watch list.

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