** A Christmas Tree Miracle

Route 40 Films, Flyover Films,

Kevin Sizemore, Claudia Esposito, Terry Kiser, Jill Whelan, Barrett Carnahan, Emily Capehart, Siomha Kenney, Michael Guy Allen

The George family is living way above it’s means, but David (Kevin Sizemore) has a great job and what’s another 2nd or 3rd mortgage to give the kids what they want for Christmas. But just before the holidays, downsizing loses David’s job, but he’s sure he’s going to find something again soon so the bring out the credit cards and keep the secret from the kids so they can have a “normal” Christmas. But as weeks turn into months, the Obama economy hits them hard, and there is no work to be had. As cell phones stop working, and utilities shut down, soon it becomes clear that they’re going to soon be homeless. In the midst of desperation, a kindly gentleman named Henry Banks (Terry Kiser) shows up and remembers a kindness David did for him when he needed it most and shows them a way out. Henry is an unusual guy who owns a Christmas Tree farm and who makes sure no one who needs a tree ever has to go without. Together the George’s find out their true selves and the future looks hopeful once again but in a way they could never imagine.

This is a unique Christmas film that is a bit strange feeling. Sure the usual themes of love and caring and family is all there, but Henry is a mystery. Who is this little guy, and is he really who he says he is or something more? You’ll see the ending coming a mile away, and guess what? You’ll be all wrong. This story is a wonderful tale, but not what you expect at all. This is a Christmas story unlike any other you’ve seen, and though it’s not perfect, it’s a good story. See it.

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