** Christmas Bounty

ABC Family, WWE Studios,

Francia Raisa, Mike ‘The Miz’ Mizanin, April Telek, Chelan Simmons, Aleks Paunovic, Will Greenberg, Michael Hanus Michael Hanus Sidika Larbes

Tara Bell (Francia Raisa) is the daughter in a family of bounty hunters. She’s cleaned up her act, though, and has left New Jersey to Manhattan and her very rich boyfriend who has just proposed to her. They’re planning on visiting with his family, when she gets a call from one of the gangsters she put away who has just gotten out of prison and theatens to kill her and the whole family. But Tara has never told her fiance about her past, so she has to go home and help the family track him down and put him back in prison before he gets them first. But her excuses for leaving at Christmas sound a bit fishy, so he guy follows her and gets caught up in the middle. The best place to capture him is at his sister’s wedding, and as luck would have it, all the gangsters of New York are at the wedding.

Come on Disney! WWE Studios??? Really??? Really??? This was a drastically silly movie. This has the feel of a bad Ninja Turtles or Inspector Gadget cartoon. How this chick thinks she can pull off being a Manhattan socialite with her low-life background is beyond me. The fighting, and thousands of gunshots, tear up the set, but are so far fetched it’s crazy. I found it dreadful, and really don’t know how this got on the prime time lineup even for ABC Family. The story is ludicrous and just plain annoying. The boyfriend was a pansy twerp and the ex-boyfriend a rude jerk. So what are we left with? Not funny, not exciting, simply not very good. Not sure how this one got green-lighted. I’m sure there must be a market for this kind of movie, WWE fans maybe, but it left me wondering why! Now I’m not blaming the actors, for they gave back what they were given, but the script. Oh, my.

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