Scarpe Diem Productions, Snapper Films Oy,

Noah Emmerich, John Turturro, Hannu-Pekka Björkman, Kari Väänänen, Otto Gustavsson, Laura Birn, Mikko Kouki, Mauri Heikkilä, Saara Pakkasvirta, Eeva Soivio

This story from Finland is a tale of a young boy, Nicholas (Hannu-Pekka Björkman) who lost his parents in an accident. The town decided that no one had enough resources to adopt him, but the whole town could, and every Christmas Day he would move to a new family for the next year. He appreciated the love shown to him by the town, that he showed his appreciation by leaving presents on their doorsteps every Christmas Eve. Finally he is forced to go work for a grumpy old carpenter who put him to work in his workshop in this tale of how Santa became Santa.

This is a really charming Finnish production of the tale of Santa Claus which is very heartwarming. Available on DVD this year, this is one to look out for. The film is dubbed into English, and is pretty short, only an hour and 18 minutes, but it’s really good. The story is really engaging, and this boy, put through a lot of hardships that are not his fault, turns out to be kind and gentle. The way he deals with the hardworking gruff guy by gently working as hard as he kind is really nice. Especially when he is able to reach into the Master’s soul and touch him as well. This is really a gem of a foreign film, and one that’s very much worth searching for. It’s a very cute film.

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